Home Eco-Sterilizer


Have you ever wondered if your house is clean enough? What is the best way to disinfect my home? thinking about environmentally-friendly way and free from chemical residue? Nutruo Home Eco-Sterilizer is here to help! Our innovative Home Eco-Sterilizer kills 99.9% of bacteria and viruses in your kitchen, bathroom, living room, utensils etc.. We’ll show you how with just salt and water!

4 Elements Of Nutruo Home Eco-Sterilizer





Benefits of the Nutruo Home Eco Sterilizer

Nutruo Home Eco-sterilizer is a smart home disinfection machine that can be used for whole-house sterilization. 
It only needs 1.5 L of water + 3 spoons of salt + 6 minutes, just like that.
💥Need to use at least 3 to 4 types of disinfectant to wash dishes, disinfect fruits and vegetables, disinfect clothes, disinfect toilets, etc. . .
💥Doesnt know the harsh chemical contents in the disinfectant sold in the market
💥Not knowing the side effect and harmfulness of the chemicals in the disinfectant.
💥hands peeling and drying up due to constant use of alcohol based disinfectant.

The Nutruo Home Eco-Sterilizer is your ultimate weapon against bacteria and viruses. With just salt + water, it’s an easy process to make your own disinfectant. Environmentally safe and free from chemicals1 device with multiple usage.


Where Can You Use Nutruo Home Eco-Sterilizer?

🚽 Toilet Bowl
🔪 Kitchen
👚 Clothes
👟 Shoes
💺 Sofa
🥦 Vegetable and 🍎 Fruit
🥩 Meat
🦪 Seafood
🧸 Baby Toys
🚪 Door Handle
🧹 Mop
Weight 1 kg