Lady In Charge


looking for a natural solution to tough times? lady in charge will help you get back on track with its phytoestrogen-rich, plant-based ingredients. with 12 main natural ingredients inclusive of collagen. Lady in charge is the perfect product to help you feel confident and healthy!

BENEFITS OF Lady In Charge
  • Anti-aging
  • Natural Vaginal Lubricant
  • Breast Firming
  • Natural Ingredients
  • Reduce Menopausal Symptoms
  • Increase Collagen Production
  • Reduce Pigmentation
  • Skin Hydration
  • Balancing Estrogen Metabolism 
  • Reduced Risk of Ovarian & Cervical Cancer
to a youthful & prettier you

Lady in Charge is a revolutionary new life-transformation health beverage that not only helps you to balance your hormones but also returns you to your youthful skin condition that every woman wishes for.

Natural Ingredients

Each sachet is packed with 12 natural ingredient extracts

Results as fast as 7 days

Phytoestrogen in Estro-G (Traditional Korean Remedy) helps to balance the hormone ratio and reduces menopausal symptoms *individual results may vary due to personal lifestyle, age, consumption, health conditions etc.

Highly Effective

Pueraria, Oak Gall, Labisia Pumila proven to improve conditions of vaginal dryness and helps breast firming

Estrogen vs age

Female ESTROGEN level drops Naturally after the age of 30

Estrogen is the key to women’s Health & Beauty. Declining estrogen is the cause of aging and may lead to a variety of health concerns and symptoms.

12 MAIN natural ingredients
beauty paegent's choice
"Lady In Charge saves my skin and inner beauty"
Miera Shiekh
Miss Heritage International 2015
"I have a clear and balanced complexion now"
Miss Asia Pacific Millennium Universe 2020
"It helps me to balance back my hormones"
Angie Tan
Mrs Malaysia International 2013
"I feel less tired and my dark circles has gone "
Kokila Vaani
Miss Asia Millennium Universe 2019
""My pimple scars heals very fast"
Miss Grand Malaysia 2019
"My neck wrinkles and eye bag problems has improved"
Maple Lee
2018 Classic Mrs Asia Supreme Earth Champion
"I have better complexion, my skin is glowing and I spend lesser time applying makeup."
Vinly Yim
Mrs Charming Malaysia International 2011
"My skin has improved. More glowing and firmer now"
Eva Khoo
Lovely Mom Asia Grand Champion 2012
"Lady In Charge literally saved me from my hormone imbalance issues"
Miss South East Asia Millennium 2020