Our Brand

Medical Advisor

Dr Lim Geng Yan 


CFO & Co-Founder

Datin (Dr) Evelyn Wong

BA Psychology

Hon. D. in Social Service

CEO & Founder

Datuk (Dr) Keev Yap

Hon. D. in Social Service


General Manager

Abdul Mizal bin Abd Majid

BSc (Hons) Biology 



To provide quality, safe and efficient healthcare products


To be the BEST Healthcare and Entrepreneur platform is Asia Pacific


We adhere to our moral and ethics, we only offer products and services that customer needs.

our story

Established since 2009, Nutruo aims to set the standards for the wellness and healthcare industry by pioneering a holistic approach for better health and well-being; the key enablements for greater life satisfaction and comfort. We provide innovative healthcare technologies to deliver real, effective solutions that work best for individuals and the community.

Since establishment in 2009, Nutruo has improved the conditions of more than 100 thousands individuals, through more than 100 health care centres opened across Malaysia and through a few associated partners across Southeast Asia.

  • First company in Malaysia to be certified for healthcare equipment excellence.
  • Nutruo was awarded Best Brand in Healthcare Equipment; by 2020 International Prestige Brand Award.
  • Nutruo Sdn Bhd was awarded as one of the top 100 SME fast moving companies in Malaysia year 2020.
  • Being recognised as Year 2021/2022 Consumer’s Choice by MTPN (Majlis Tindakan Pengguna Negara)
  • Founders are awarded Top 20 Young Entrepreneur Award and Golden Phoenix Award 2020.
  • More than 100 thousand users across a number of fast growing countries.
  • Pioneer of revolutionary wave therapeutics technology.
our journey

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